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 October 4th, 2020   -  Regarding Inside Play







We are asking all visitors to comply with the Governor’s executive order regarding wearing face masks. 

Masks ARE required upon entering/exiting the facility, front desk check-in,

and using the restrooms.

Per the Jefferson County Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control, if you feel that wearing a mask interferes with your activity or poses a health or safety risk, you may remove your mask, at your own discretion and at your own risk during play. If you choose to not wear a mask while playing tennis indoors, we ask that you maintain a safe physical distance of at least 6' from others. Masks MUST be replaced immediately following your play.

WATER - Water jugs are no longer placed court side.  Bring your own container to fill with tap water, or your own bottled water.


The outdoor courts remain open - drills continue to be played outside - be sure to contact Jill at 720.726.0321 if you plan to attend a drill.


We will be opening the facility on Monday, October 12th with limited hours.  PCT will start the week of October 5th.  Updated Membership options can be found under the Membership tab.


Thanks to everyone for your support during these crazy times.


​Non-Members - Outside court rentals $30 per hour - prepaid and


via reservations to Jill @ 720.726.0321.

The facility IS NOT open, so be sure to bring balls, water, hand sanitizer, and PLEASE practice your physical distancing skills while on the courts, and in the surrounding areas.


Wear Your Mask

Coming / Going

Front Desk

check in

Off the court

Maintain Physical Distancing

Wash your Hands Often

Provide Your Own Water / Container

Drill Schedule

Power Lunch: M-W-F      12 - 1:30 pm

Saturday Slam:    9:30 - 11 am


Reservations can be made at 720.726.0321

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