Welcome!!  Lets Play Tennis!

PLEASE!!! DO NOT enter our facility if you have a cough / fever or are otherwise experiencing any type of COVID symptoms.

Regarding Inside Play

> Masks are required when coming / going into the facility, and while moving around the facility from the court.

> Please maintain Physical Distancing.

> Wash / Sanitize Hands Often.





























Rackets and Net
Tennis Ball
Tennis Racket
Tennis Player
Boy Holding Racket

We are asking all visitors to comply with the Governor’s executive order regarding wearing face masks. 

Masks ARE required upon entering/exiting the facility, front desk check-in,

and using the restrooms.

Per the Jefferson County Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control, if you feel that wearing a mask interferes with your activity or poses a health or safety risk, you may remove your mask, at your own discretion and at your own risk during play. If you choose to not wear a mask while playing tennis indoors, we ask that you maintain a safe physical distance of at least 6' from others. Masks MUST be replaced immediately following your play.

WATER - Water jugs are no longer placed court side.  Bring your own container to fill with tap water, or your own bottled water.

Office Hours are currently limited - please be patient if you don't get a return call right away.  If you need to speak to someone right away, contact Jill @ 720.726.0321.

 PLEASE practice your physical distancing skills while on the courts, and in the surrounding areas.